How to select the right LED sign?

When we talk about the local company signs, these are valuable source of information that provide product and company details to the individuals around. Many people don’t pay heed to the sign that they get and overlook its potential of attracting people to the business. If you are to make the full use of an LED sign, you got to be certain that you get the right one. There are certain choices available to you at but it is really a matter of what you want and how your led sign should be.

Selecting the type

First of all, there are a number of different types of LED signs available to you. From simple monochrome signs to the advanced full color ones, you have a number of different signs up for grab. You have to define what you want to do with the LED sign. Do you want it to stand there and show a single message or you wish to have a scrolling sign which can come up with multiple messages with flashing and fading features? As you define what you are looking to achieve with your sign, whether it is just an informative board or the one that contains advertisement and promotional content, you will ultimately narrow down on the types.

Pitch, resolution, and viewing distance

The three critical elements in a board, that can make or break it, are the pitch, resolution, and viewing distance. Tight pitch means that the resolution of your image would be very high. If you are looking up to an LED for a close view, the 8mm and 10mm pitch are preferred. However, if you have a bigger board or a wide pixel pitch, the 16mm and 19mm models would appear alright. The latter are usually for the signs that are high from ground and at a decent distance from traffic. To have an estimate for the pitch you need, take the distance of viewing in meters and swap it with millimeters for pitch i.e. aboard meant to be seem from 19 meters away would do good with 19mm pitch.

Size of the sign

Not only the pitch and resolution, the distance will also help in determining the size of the sign. Do consider the type of traffic and distance of the sign from the road, along with the average speed at which the vehicles move there, to determine the sign size. Don’t forget to consider the space and sign content, along with the zonal restrictions, before you select the size.


And lastly, don’t forget the budget constraints when selecting an LED sign. They are affordable as compared to the neon signs but can get very costly depending on your selection of the sign, its size, quality, content, material, and how you want it to look. So, you might have to vary your demands a bit to adjust things in your budget. Don’t forget the sign fitting and zonal permissions as you are about to get your sign.

Final words

So, these are certain things you should consider when browsing as you will have a few good choices for LED signs there. They are a great choice to display information about your shop and are usually found in front of several stores with both promotional and informative content being displayed to individuals around.