The World That Revolves Around Ipsidy

Digitalization, one word which can explain the current world and the world of the future. There are no potential limits to what we can do with technology today; machines have taken over a lot of work that was earlier done by the humans.  With a touch of your finger, you can open a world of possibilities that are made available with the help of advancement in technology. The mobile penetration today has crossed all the barriers. Every individual has a smartphone in their hand can do multiple tasks with one device and at the same time, they are also vulnerable to a lot of security risks.

To bypass these risks you have the option of combining the mobile transactional and your daily business with Ipsidy, which gives you a range of services and authentication measures so that you are able to transact your business securely. Not only to individual users, but Ipsidy can provide a range of services to governments, big enterprises, and business owners also. By checking the website you can understand the full possibilities of Ipsidy. Some of the functions of Ipsidy are:


  • Authentication: Ipsidy offers a multifaceted authentication to the users for transacting a successful payment or allowing someone to access the accounts of the user which are integrated with Ipsidy. You will get a message on your mobile phone when trying to access your account. Next Ipsidy also offers a facial recognition before allowing access to your account. You can also set up a digital signature into your account to for future simplification of logging into your account.
  • Identification: The Identification process is appropriate government institutions and financial institutions to authenticate the user. It provides biometric enrollment and matching with the government database. The US government and the Zambian electoral example that you can read at presents a vivid picture of the how Ipsidy can be used by the government agencies.
  • Authorization: The digital transactions are to be executed with care and after proper authentication; here the Ipsidy offers a collaborative authentication process. It allows the user to augment their money-related transactions with added security features like IdLock for mobile wallet transactions, Mobile POS services and easing the process of digital issuance of cards and documents by the financial institutions.

The three Ipsidy solutions of which access is the latest offer a wide range of possibilities to the users to conduct their daily business.

  • Access: with it, you can easily check the movement of your employees who are going in or coming out of a defined area with the help of Bluetooth.
  • Verify: it presents the users with see-through glass and helps them know the person on the other end of the transaction.
  • Transact: The world of Ipsidy also enables the users to build a safe and secure mobile transaction network inside a loop. It allows the users to transact in various modes, be it online, in-store or through an

To know more about Ipsidy and its possibilities you can check their website and open up your minds to a new world.