Indonesia- ALand of Many Surprises

If you haven’t chosen your next tourist destination, better make it Indonesia. Indonesia stands for the word spectacular. Constituting of thousands of islands clustered together, there is no time this country is not buzzing with tourists. The country is colorful and vibrant and is known world-over for its beaches.

As a direct result, Indonesia is becoming more than just a tourist place. Many expats are moving into the country and settling down. We can give you tons of reasons and assistance at to make Indonesia your home.


There are just a few countries in the world that are as hospitable and peace-loving as Indonesia. It runs in their nature; the people of Indonesia are kind and welcoming. They love people who are free and gentle, and all you will need to do is show respect.


The natural beauty of this country is another great attraction. The sceneries you will see here will make you want to see them every day. There are wonderful beaches, terraced rice fields, temples. Jungles and mountains provide one with a thoroughly captivating experience.


Indonesian culture is varied and rich. You will find a wide variety of heritage in the form of dance, music, theatre, art, and architecture. There are beautiful architectural wonders of Danau Toha in Sumatra as well as various other tombs and temples for those who wish to see.


Indonesian cuisine is a promising one. The local dishes are sure to capture your tongue and heart. Whether you try the local foods or big restaurants, you will definitely enjoy Redang, Nasi goring, Gado-Gado, and more. Sea-foods and coffee is a part of Indonesian culture.


Beaches are a great tourist attraction because they are so good with clean waters and pebble-studded shores that make tourists wish to stay. Staying in Indonesia is easy. You can choose between doing business in Indonesia or doing a job. Company formation in Indonesia has recently become easier as well.


The wildlife in Indonesia is rich and diverse, and there are various judges and parks that keep visitors hooked. Some famous places to name would be Komodo, Rinca Islands, and Gunung Leuser National Park amongst others.

It’s worth taking the time to learn and know the local language and people. This way you stand a better chance of grabbing a job and staying for good. In order to get a permanent work permit or set up a business, you will need to know about laws and regulations such as Indonesian KITAS and LLC regulations for foreigners. You can find excellent help at this site.