All About The Unemployment Insurance to the Single Moms from the State

Introduction to Unemployment Insurance(UI)

When people lose their jobs, the Unemployment Insurance or the UI from the state supports them temporarily till they fit into their new job. Especially this is designed to support the single moms who have lost their jobs due to some reasons that has made it very difficult for her to run a day’s expenses with kids around. Such grants for single moms are greatly beneficial. On an average UI pays half of their salary. The UI basic program is for up to 26 weeks of benefits to unemployed single moms and others. These benefits and its features varies from state to state. Additional benefits are there for dependents say $30 for a kid per week. The eligibility, benefit total amount and the duration limit varies from state to state for the single moms. The benefit amount keeps constantly changing so the unemployed has to look out for all possible options that would suit him and make him eligible for application.

grants for single moms

Qualifications to Claim Unemployment Insurance

To claim the unemployment insurance offered by the state, the person must be qualified as below:

  1. The job lost should not be a fault from your side.
  2. Should have earned a reasonable amount of money before the unemployment or losing the job.
  3. He/she must be ready to work, seeking for a job and available to work anytime.

Terms and Conditions with UI

  1. UI offers weekly benefit of $24 per dependent and $72 for three dependents.
  2. Total allowance cannot exceed the weekly benefit rate.
  3. Allowances cannot be paid for more than five dependants in a family.
  4. If you have a child, you can get $627 benefits per week.
  5. If you have a non working spouse, you get $535 benefit per week. This is applicable only to married couples who live together.
  6. Claimants can include $559 for four dependants.
  7. An additional benefit of $10 per dependent per week is eligible.
  8. If you have five dependants you get allowance of $8 per dependent.
  9. The maximum allowance for a family of 5 dependents should not exceed $430.
  10. The dependency rate is $25 per dependency child.
  11. 30 weeks of UI is provided by the Massachusetts state government.
  12. Additional benefit rate is $6 per person not exceeding five numbers.
  13. The benefit is $25 in new Mexico for one dependent and is limited to only three dependents.
  14. For dependent spouse it is $5 per week.
  15. For dependent child it is $3 per week.
  16. If there is no dependent spouse, then the single moms can receive $5 for one child added $3 for second child.
  17. The benefit amount is equal to 5% of the weekly benefit amount.