Landlords EPC – A Guide For Rental

In some countries, the owners must provide EPC for all leased objects with a new lease. The EPC must be provided free of charge to prospective tenants before the contract is concluded. You may receive a fine if you do not have an EPC, and you need to have it. For the rental of the property that was rented before October 1, 2008 and continues to occupy the same tenant after this date, the EPC is not required.

EPC is only required for properties that are autonomous. They are not required when the tenant rents a room and shares objects, and the tenant has a separate agreement with the landlord. Landlord EPCs are valid for 10 years no matter how many times the tenants have changed during this period.

What are energy efficiency certificates?

EPC is a measure of energy efficiency and the impact of your property on the environment. The rating will be in scale from A-G. A is the most effective and the least effective. The certificate will specify the costs of heating, hot water and lighting, as well as a list of recommendations to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

landlord EPC

What does the inspection include?

During the evaluation, the home inspector or the internal energy expert should verify and record information about your property. Access will be required in all rooms and in the attic, and photographs of your property and elements related to the evaluation will be taken.

The evaluation usually takes up to 60 minutes, but complex or larger properties may take longer.


Each improvement in the recommendation report is accompanied by a typical saving per year, as well as what can be assessed after making the changes.

The report will show low-cost improvements (up to 500 pounds sterling) and high costs (more than 500 pounds sterling. Many of them will be more expensive and will have a much longer payback period.

Recommendations: should I act accordingly?

Recommendations for you and your possible tenant. Currently, there are no legal requirements for the implementation of any recommendation. However, taking into account the recommendations, it is likely to improve the energy efficiency of your property, which will make it more attractive for future tenants.

Get a higher rating

The most economical measure you can take is to isolate your property through landlord EPC. In most cases, the EPC for landlord can be installed by a professional fairly quickly and relatively inexpensively.