Top Reasons For Choosing the Right Moving Company

Millions of people move houses every year, and the businesses that provide the service of moving stuff from one home to another is more and more in demand. It is quite easy to feel overwhelmed because of the variety of choices that are available out there nowadays. There are certain steps to ensure savings and a hassle-free move. This would require some effort and time on your part, but the payoff is that your items are safe and you will just end up paying the right amount for it. Those two alone should be enough incentive to do your part in making sure your items arrive in tip-top condition. Not doing a preliminary research will not only endanger your items but cost you extra as well. Read on below for these necessary steps to take before signing any contract with any moving team.

Hire a Local Moving Company

This move eliminates anyone scrupulous enough to operate solely out of the internet without any physical address. Unfortunately, there are a lot of these. Hiring local will allow you to physically go into their office and talk to them personally to conduct business. Not only will you have a physical office to contact when you have questions, but also a place to go to when something goes awry.

Estimates that are written are your friend

At least three estimates should be done by the company when they do the walkthrough and the housing inventory. Getting them in writing will avoid nasty hidden charges that other unscrupulous companies like to do. A simple additional flight of stairs can be a reason for additional money to be paid. Even packing materials and the labor associated with them can also be used by the company to jack up their pricing if you do not have it in writing.

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Verify the Company’s Credentials

For moves that cover longer distances, make sure that you verify and check the moving company’s credentials and paperwork. As a client, you are perfectly entitled to do this for both your own safety. If the mover you are planning to do business with is legitimate, it will have copies of its license numbers posted on their website and on their office.

Read Reviews

Take a look at what other customers and former clients are saying about the company. Check out their social media page and online forums for customer feedback, whether it be a complaint or a compliment. If people have had any bad experience with the company, this will be the best place to look for it. 

Never Agree to a Large Deposit

A reputable moving company should require no more than 20 Percent of the overall cost of a moving service. Decent moving companies like st augustine movers will actually only take payment when the service is completed. Much more actually do not require any payment until after the service has been completed. This just makes sense and practical as well.