Are You Looking To Start a Drone Business?

If you are looking to start a drone business then here you will find all relevant information that will help you decide in case this business is the good option for you. Know about the daily activities of the drone photography business, typical target market, startup costs, growth potential, legal considerations, and much more!

Business Overview

Starting a drone business involves taking of videos or photos by autonomous UAV or controlled by person who operates this through remote control. The commercial drone photography generally plays important role across wider industries including farming, real estate, advertising, films, and many more.

Whom this business belongs to?

The drone business is the wonderful opportunity for anybody who is looking to earn good money just by combining their photography love and videography with their passion in flying. There’s the high technical barrier to this business, thus it is love very important that the potential owners are highly dedicated in achieving the high level of technical fluency. The drone photography business generally needs plenty of traveling to the clients, and you will have to be quite comfortable with the overnight travel.

What happens in a day at the drone photography business?

The drone business owner has to spend majority of their time running back to back of a company. It involves marketing or speaking with the potential and present clients, getting permission for the flights, filing all papers, and handling billing. Very little percentage of the work time will be dedicated n operating the drone and editing the photographs footage.

What’s the real target market?

The estate agents, people selling their property or boat, marketing companies, or local athletes are the potential clients. The ideal client is one who is looking to display something in the unique way by using aerial videography or photography.

How does the drone photography business earn money?

The drone photography business will choose the top pricing policies that will fit their clients. There are some photography businesses who charge their customers set price for the complete package that includes everything right from the shooting to editing. Some businesses charge per hourly rate for a shoot and separate editing fee. Some drone businesses provide just the raw video or photo footage to the clients.

Is there any growth potential for the drone business?

Growth potential is vast. There’re currently 3000 of certified drone pilots, still the popularity of the aerial photography is growing. With high level of knowledge needed to enter in this field, opportunities for work may continue to outpace an availability of the licensed drone pilots in accepting their work.

What costs are involved in opening the drone business?

There’re a lot of costs linked with opening the drone business. Besides normal costs to start any kind of business, there’re many unique costs for anybody thinking of the drone photography business.