Do I Need An Energy Performance Certificate?

If you are living in the UK and you want to market your building or house for sale or rent, you have to opt for Energy Performance Certificate. It is also applicable when you are constructing a new building. Energy Performance Certificate is actually a rating scheme that points out the energy efficiency of your building. You can estimate the potential energy cost and it has been made essential for building with multiple tenancies. Moreover, building with retail, office, and residential accommodation needs to get EPC done. The following is the complete details about Energy Performance Certificate.

Energy Performance Certificate Requirements –

It is mandatory for the potential buyers or tenants to receive an Energy Performance Certificate before they can buy out or rent a property. However, it is not the responsibility of the buyers or tenants to get the Energy Performance Certificate. Instead, it is the sole responsibility of the seller, owner or the landlord to provide the EPC to the prospective buyers or tenants. This should be done as early as the day of showing the premise is arranged. At the very latest, it should be done when the contract to sell the property is arranged.

However, those who are already tenants and who already bought a property, they do not need Energy Performance Certificate unless they sell or sublet their property. But while letting out business premises, the number and the type of EPC can vary greatly depending on various criteria. The criteria can be whether you are letting out an office block by floor, by a number of floors together, or just a part of a floor. Apart from these, there are various other determining criteria due to which it is better to seek the service of professionals.

How Can I Get Energy Performance Certificate?

If you are looking for ways to get an Energy Performance Certificate, you should head over to the official website of EPCChoice. They offer a comprehensive service across the UK. There are over 2000 Energy Assessors working with them directly and hence, you can get the best professional service at an affordable rate. Moreover, once you opt for their service, you do not have to take any headache until you get the Energy Performance Certificate. This is the reason why EPCChoice has become the default and the number one choice for local authorities, professional landlords, residential housing associates, property owners, property agents, and much more. Get your Energy Performance Certificate to be eligible to rent your property legally.