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If you want detailed information on someone you may have to pay to get exactly what you want. Truthfinder is having two types of plans. You can have the first plan that is the subscription for one month. The second plan you have the subscription for three months. You will find here everything that you like to get in reports. You have to pay for the subscription and rest all free to use truthfinder. You can get a information on someone who possible relatives are and what other names they have used in the past. There are no hidden fees that you have to pay in truthfinder. You can have the information about address, phone number, criminal history, and the other information you may need without paying anything. If you have the subscription for one month then you can use truthfinder free throughout the month.

In order to get specific results about the person, then you must make sure you put quotations around their name when you type it in so that the search gives you results for that exact name. If you need to see if the person you are checking out has a criminal history you can have that too with truthfinder. For background checks online make sure that the information you find is for the person you really want and not someone else. A background check with truthfinder provides a way for people to search, find and discover information about others online easily. From all the background check providers on the market truthfinder is the best that you have. If you like to find the person that has send you email and you are not having any information then you can have that too. You are able to search the person that has sent you the email.