Earn badges as you soar through your business analysis training

Every learner requires some level of motivation; it’s not only workers but every individual who dedicates himself or herself to a tough task. Getting a qualification to business analysis certification training and exams is not an easy task, and therefore we got a way to motivate the candidates as they scale up the four levels of business analysis training. We do it through badges, and every candidate earns badges in each level so that by the time the candidates sits for the final certification exam, he or she earns eight badges. However, they can also be given independently to candidates. They do not depend on the achievement of all the certifications we offer. The rate at which the badges are given varies as they a candidate receives one by confirming their knowledge and real application and not the hours. Therefore, the hours to get a badge will vary among candidates. These can be gained in various ways say, when you demonstrate abilities in class, through proficiency exams, and through high contributions to workshop events and activities. Some of our courses have a test out choice for the experienced BAs, and we provide study guides for the classes with opt-out options. All experienced analysts are supposed to go through the study guides to take the exams. Some of the badges that our candidates get include

Agile Analysis Badge; to earn an agile analysis badge, candidates must demonstrate strong abilities to support teams involved in agile project, define the needs to enable the necessary change, and achieve valuable solutions through defined criteria, attend 3 of 5 courses or test out of 3 of 5 classes and demonstrate in-depth understanding and correct application in-class workshops.

business analysis certification

Analysis Planning Badge; to obtain an analysis planning badge while in business analysis certification, a candidate must demonstrate skills and abilities in estimating and tracking project’s analysis effort, and attend three of the five courses or test out three out of five courses.

Business Rules Badge; a candidate is will become a business rules badge holder when he/she demonstrate the ability to stimulate, analyze and prototype organizational business rules of an organization or attend the required courses or test out of them.

Data Analysis Badge; this badge is awarded to candidates that show abilities in analyzing, modeling and identifying business data, data mining, and also data mining. One must also attend the required courses or test out.

Facilitation/Elicitation Badge; holders of this badge are supposed to showcase their ability to manage meetings and engage the stakeholders using various techniques and must attend the required courses.

Functional Analysis Badge: candidates must attend all the required courses for this certification and demonstrate the required abilities.

Process Analysis Badge: the candidate must show proficiency through passing the process analysis exam whether it is a test out the exam or course exam.

Strategy and Solution Evaluation Badge; to earn this badge the candidate must go through three courses out of the six or test out three courses. Also, the candidate must demonstrate a complete application in class and workshop sessions.

All these badges are important as they show your achievement in business analysis certification journey. They motivate the candidates to perform better.