Hire Rental Dispute Lawyer In Dubai To Resolve A Case

Being a landlord, you should know that having your properties rented long-term means having sustainable relationships with your tenants and landlord’s interest has to be respected and stay well protected at the same time.

Appointing BSO to Solve Landlord’s Problems

Landlords may require to may require to hire a rental dispute lawyer in Dubai in order to open and resolve the case. Hiring a lawyer can be expensive but it might be a good idea because not hiring a lawyer might be cheap but it’s a risky idea. Appointing BSO a property manager is an ideal way of resolving conflicts with tenants avoiding the unreasonable cost and unwanted risk. Here is some risk of most regular problems that BSO solves for landlords in Dubai:

  • The tenant delays or refuses to pay the rent on time
  • The tenant refuses to vacate the property after failing to pay the rent on time
  • The tenant subleases or shares the property unit without the landlord’s consent
  • The tenant made significant damage to the property unit or its’ furniture
  • The tenant performs illegal activities in the property unit
  • The tenant breaches the key terms stated in the tenancy contract
  • The tenant refuses to increase rent approved by RERA rental increase calculator
  • The tenant terminates the lease ignoring terms on penalties and notifications.

This list is not complete but BSO already resolved many different conflicts between tenants and landlords. Some of this conflict them were finalized outside the court but there were many that couldn’t be solved without going to Rental Dispute Center that usually required the help of a qualified specialist in the legal field. Visit here to know more https://bso.ae/rental-dispute-lawyer-in-dubai.html.

Steps of Going Through a Rental Dispute in Dubai

Here are the steps of going through a rental dispute in Dubai:

  • Prepare all supporting documents which include e-mails between you and your tenant but make sure you don’t miss the importance of having clear correspondence between you and your tenant via verified e-mail addresses or registered mobile numbers to involve WhatsApp or SMS messages;
  • Prepare your statement of claims in a legally correct format made in the Arabic language. Just make sure it is drafted in a right way with correct translation into the Arabic language so that the whole claim won’t turn to be against yourself;
  • You must issue a legal notice to your tenant and don’t forget to register it in UAE public records while notifying your tenant;
  • File the case in Rental Dispute Center;
  • Pay the court fees, which are 3.5 % of either your annual rent or claiming amount the minimum is AED 350.00 and the maximum AED 20,000.00;
  • Have a hearing scheduled and appear on the same day;
  • Get the judgment in order to start the execution. The most important stage is the execution process wherein you need to know what to do to speed up the matter and avoid waiting a long time before the result comes.

BSO, A Strong and Reliable Partner

BSO is a reliable and strong partner to have due to:

  • The years of experience in the real estate business and the legal side of it;
  • The legal team is well qualified to take on disputes and cases of any difficulty;
  • And has proficient knowledge of the UAE legal system.