Houston Genesis: Car Features and Dealers

Who does not wish to own a luxurious car? And everyone has great expectations while buying a car. After all, it is an investment for life. People wish to have all the modern and up to date features in the car that they buy. This demand is fulfilled by the Houston genesis. They have a variety of models of cars.

Genesis of Northwest and southwest Houston

The genesis of both the northwest and southwest Houston has a very customer friendly staff. They are always ready to carefully listen to the customer’s expectations of the car they wish to buy and then show them the model which fits their expectations. For example, a big family would wish to have a seven seater car whereas a small family would suffice with a five seater. They demonstrate all the features of the car in great detail and can also provide a test drive for the customer to know the car better. They have a variety of range- starting from the car which would best suit a college graduate to the one which would best suit military personnel. The Houston genesis dealer can be easily located in the town.

Recent models launched

The genesis of Houston had recently launched the model G70. The model became so popular that it was awarded the motor trend’s 2019 car of the year. The car was popular because of the splendid features that it provided in that price range.

Genesis Houston Dealership


The model G70 provides a great mileage of 21 kmpl in the town and up to 28 kmpl on the highways. It has a 2.0L all wheel drive which makes it very comfortable for the drivers to drive without any stress on their hands. Not only the technical features, but it has some smart features too. Like the blind spot sensor which can help the driver become aware of any nearby vehicles that can be in the car’s path. It is a sensor that is attached on both the driver and the rear side which keeps the car safe on both sides. The car is also enabled with the distance acing cruise control which helps the driver have a proper control over the car while taking it back. Normally, it warns the driver whenever any object or anything is very close to the backside of the car and can save it from any undue experience. The car is also enabled with automatic temperature control and wireless phone connectivity.

The genesis of Houston has great cars that can fit into the budget while providing world class riving facility to the customers. The buyers of the car get real value of the money that they pay for.