Know About Key Features of Ipsidy

In the digital world, people are rushing in the find of platforms where transactions are effective, free from breaches and more so time-saving. Luckily, they have finally gotten the answer as digital technology provided by Ipsidy. Ipsidy is a digital platform aiming to provide the users with quick, efficient, easier and secure digital transactions all over the globe.

Ipsidy has come up with a platform that enables mobile users to authenticate their identity in their mobile phones, tablets or other portable devices.

Key Features That Ipsidy Offers

In solution finding, Ipsidy has applied various vital features that surely helps all types of businesses.

  • Technology

Ipsidy technology is made up of three main features.

  1. Multi-factor. This is a feature by Ipsidy that allows the user to perform numerous tasks such as to verify, authorize, authenticate and audit, all in a single transaction.
  2. Ipsidy developed this feature to allow the user to authenticate the details to the system.
  3. Scalable Biometric. Ipsidy has a scalable biometric that provides enrollment with matching user details capability.
  • Biometric Features

In providing world digital solutions, Ipsidy uses key biometric features.

  1. Access
  2. Verification
  3. Transactions


  • Biometric Identity Access

By use of biometric identity access, Ipsidy Is providing glamorous access of identities of the people moving in and out of a room or any defined area.

Ipsidy technology is giving its users all access plans whether Standard, Premium or Enterprise. It is upon you as the user to choose the plan that suits you most. Alongside selecting the personal access plan, there are benefits enjoyed by users in Ipsidy’s access plans.

  1. Free User Mobile applications to both apple and android software users.
  2. There is also the provision of Facial Biometric Authentication of users. The facial recognition allows quick verification of human even without physical contact with the system. Therefore Ipsidy are more likely to be called upon in participating in government surveillance jobs and other places that require advanced security
  3. Bluetooth Beacon Technology. The technology allows the smartphones and tablets to act when near a beacon
  4. Provision of Concierge application monitors to tablet users
  5. This creates a new user or visitor pass anytime he/she want to transact at his convenient place.
  6. Digital Visitor pass Badge with photo
  7. The biometric technology initiates a Push notification to host whenever a visitor arrives or triggers the access.
  8. For the entire visit in the technology, you can enjoy a smooth and immediate return process
  9. With the technology, Reporting and auditing of all the action are more leisurely.
  10. Reporting and attendances time data can be recorded accurately and stored conveniently.
  11. There is white labeling of all users application.
  • Verification

Through Ipsidy’s mobile biometric identity, Customers can now enjoy secure authentication of identities and other transactions including financial transactions on their smartphones or tablets.

Every Ipsidy’s user can identify or confirm their caller identities easily

By use of the Ipsidy application in the phone, the user can have the best experience through the use of authentication of their own identity during selfie-taking.

  • Transactions

With Ipsidy application in the smartphone, one can transact easily and efficiently with own core identity provided. Mobile payment transactions are now made faster

Also with the use of a mobile wallet in the Ipsidy application, one can secure payment cards virtually in his/her account. For a more convenient access visit the site: