Learn How to Organize Your Garage with the Help of Slatwall Storage System

The progressive Slatwall storage system is an incredible method to get your garage organized. The ground-breaking Slatwall panels are simple to install and give an expert completed appearance to the inside of your garage. The system provides a solution for nearly any storage issue using specialty storage racks, integrated cabinets, and different width shelves. The time has come to systematize your garage as well as dispose of that an irritating mess.

This straightforward and simple to install system comprises of tough slatwall panels and trim segments. To install the system append the boards to your current structure utilizing color coordinated hardware. Simply mount the panels straight over top of the interior wall of your garage. Both the panels and screws are accessible coordinating grey, taupe, maple, white, and black. The 12 inch wide panels are accessible in 48″ and 96″ lengths. Trim out your task for a completed appearance utilizing standard U-caps, edge caps, J-molding and corner molding. Add a coordinating baseboard to finish the installation. The framework is so simple to install that you can change your whole garage in a single weekend.


One of the real advantages of a Slatwall Storage System, alongside the striking appearance, is the simplicity of which you can arrange your garden equipment, tools, bicycles, and other stockpiling things. With a consistent mounting slot you can move any storage device in a moment. Adjust your tools as well as equipment as frequently as you see fit. Storage brackets as well as shelf supports attach to the Slatwall System without the need of any uncommon tools or hardware. Simply hang the bracket in any of one of the supports, at any stature, or any area.

For putting away bigger things like boxes, paint, and larger power tools, think about including some slatwall racks. Using a similar special slatwall shelves, slatwall connection, are fast and simple to install and can be moved in a flash. Standard slatwall rack sections extend from 8″ to 16″ in width to add adaptability to your storage design. Utilize the 8″ wide retire sections in tight spaces, for example, the midpoint of the garage nearby your car door, and install 16″ wide shelves for vast things on the end wall of your garage.

At the point when completed with your installation, everything will be safely stowed in its own particular place, and simple to view for its next utilize. Your neighbors will be jealous when they perceive how organized you have become with your new, quite pleasing, Slatwall storage solution.