Learn Something From Coworking Spaces

Why does a lot of young professionals, startups, and entrepreneurs love coworking spaces? There should be something special about coworking spaces that it got our interest to get to know it better. We think that this would be the perfect time to realize that coworking spaces are more than just a trend or a buzzword that a lot of people are getting hooked with. As far as we know, coworking spaces will stay for a very long time, in our recent research, we learned a lot of good things from it and we will gladly share it to you, our readers.

The term coworking was first used in 1995, it is relatively a young word that was first used by C-base in Berlin, a hackerspace company. Similar to other hackerspaces, the community-themed C-base provided a physical location or office for people to meet and work, which embodies three coworking principles that we learned.

First, it is a collection of people who have the same mindset, passion and field of interests as well as values, second is, we found out that there is an emphasis on its community, and three, it is a space available not just for coworking but also for collaboration and social events where people can gather and share their thoughts and passion to everyone.


Despite the huge changes that the world has today compared two decades ago when C-base was first established, it provided the same value to a lot of people up to this day, and because of it, the concept of coworking space was created.

We also learned that the coworking environment emphasizes the collaboration and friendship among different startups, entrepreneurs, and SME’s and it also undermines the turf-battles between them which creates a more positive environment. We all notice that corporate employees, in a lot of instances are expected to punch in their time card accurately and leave the office according to their working time but shared office spaces offer flexibility and the freedom to manage your own time.

 Something also tells us that the values of coworking spaces are built upon, because the people who use this facility have lesser hierarchy compared to corporate offices, meaning, you are usually your own boss, or sometimes you have your business partners, or collaborators which do not have any rank or position higher or lower than you. There is no social idleness in coworking spaces and competition between employee which can create a toxic environment.

Speaking of community, coworking creates such a sense, that a lot of people loves to keep coming back to it. There is always a huge factor if a person feels welcomed to a certain community, that is why a lot of people chooses to work in coworking spaces because they sense belongingness. It is where people love to work and finish their tasks because they also sense the positive vibes of their fellow tenants. Also, the social gatherings and events create a community which is interactive to each other.

Beyond anything else, shared office spaces feature the more vibrant human element and the lesser performance, and the stress associated with work, which represented a fundamental interpretation of our daily work.

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