Many businesses would feel a little exposed having to share a system with another business, especially the accounting system. When a business becomes partners with an online platform like Amazon, it is important for them to realize this is not about another company having access to its financial state. It is about exposure that will be of mutual benefit to both businesses. The use of  quickbooks amazon integration,  helps both Amazon and its business partners to keep proper track of sales.

Businesses should not worry about Amazon seeing their sales transactions. Amazon is not in competition with any of the business it works with. If anything, amazon needs for all business operating on its platform to succeed because their success is amazon’s success. Amazon can only measure its level of success depending on how the other businesses do. Using amazon quickbooks helps to assess how businesses are doing and how to help them flourish. Amazon and its business partners need this system especially because their target buyers are spread world over. If the sales are not properly recorded, it could easily result in confusion.

Advantages of using quickbooks in amazon integration

  • The records of the sales are visible both to amazon and sellers. This way there are no questions arising on amount being taken by amazon for the sales made on the platform. The transparency in this system is the reason why amazon and other sellers have co-existed for a long time with minimal disputes.
  • Should any seller have any questions, it is easy for personnel in amazon to understand what the seller is talking about since they will be looking at the same program with the same information. It therefore easy to sort out any problems the seller has since it is easy to make an explanation.
  • The software records all the information based on each sale. The seller can then easily reconcile with his records. Often, this information is accurate leaving no room for error.
  • The use of quickbooks when doing business with amazon allows sellers to know which products need more marketing and which ones need to be produced because of the high demand. This way sellers do not lose business because their products are out of stock neither does amazon since it relies on each sale for its income.
  • An integrated use of quickbooks between amazon and sellers makes it easy for amazon to advise sellers on how to increase their sales based on facts. Amazon gets a lot of information from clients and this can be of great benefit to sellers.

The use of this accounting software between amazon and businesses selling on this platform has not only allowed all the stakeholders to flourish, it has allowed for a harmonious relationship as no one is left short changed.