Gemini- Safe and secure exchange for all your crypto trades

In today’s world, digital revolution has taken over and is greatly influencing the quality of lives we live all over the world. Even our investments today are being made through the digital route to the financial world. Take crypto currency for instance, the only way to purchase it is through the digital wallet. Crypto currencies have taken the global financial world by storm as people learn more and more about it in quick time. If you too are interested in crypto currency and exchange then you ought to trade in it. One of the best exchanges of crypto currency where you can freely trade with near zero fees is Gemini. You aren’t required to pay up any minimum deposit to trade at Gemini. You can learn more about it through any Gemini review that you find on the internet.

Founded in 2015, Gemini exchange is based in the United States. You can browse through its website at It was founded by Winklevoss brothers who rose to popularity upon suing Mark Zuckerberg and earning USD 65 million from the lawsuit. Currently the total valuation of the sum of Bitcoins they hold is about USD 1 billion. Post that, they put in all their efforts in creating Gemini, that today is one of the most popular and biggest crypto exchanges in the world. Crypto enjoys a high level of trust and reliability by its users and this gives it an added edge. The company is headquartered in New York and accepts US clients.

Gemini review

Most crypto exchanges make a lot of money by charging high trading fees, however in case of Gemini, the trading fees charged is very low. It is 0.0% to 0.25% (varying based on thr frequency and volume of trade) of the traded volume of your transaction, so you can begin to realize how much more money it can save you over a period of time. Users have to pay no deposit fees and can start trading right away. Depositing money into Gemini is absolutely free of charge, no matter how much you deposit, and can be deposited straight from the bank account itself.

Often in matters related to financial transactions, regulatory and compliance issues tend to pop up. Users have to be extra careful and cautious about dealing only with a secure exchange. This is where Gemini ranks much better than most of its competitors in the same business. It is absolutely safe and highly secure and enjoys a great reputation in the market. If you can find a section of quality Gemini review articles you will learn how highly its users rate its ethical operations and firm adherence to corporate governance standards. You know Gemini is the right choice for safety and authenticity of crypto currency transactions.