OnQ Financial is a mortgage company which can help people to make their dreams true i.e. to make a beautiful home people need some money. For that purpose they take a loan from bank. The consultants of OnQ give the people a proper guidance. They can eliminate any confusion, doubts, and stressfrom their minds. This OnQ financial team make their home mortgage process easier, faster and stronger. This OnQ financial company has seventy branches and 650 employees in every branch. This OnQ financial company was established in 2004.

OnQ Financial Loan Calculator:

This OnQ financial has different types of calculator. They are VA loan calculator, Amortization calculator, Refinance Calculator, Adjustable rate calculator, Home affordability calculator, Extra payment calculator, and DTI calculator.

  • VA Loan Calculator: This calculator help to estimate monthly mortgage payments for taking VA home loan which is eligible only for American Veterans.
  • Amortization Calculator: This calculator help to determine the monthly payments and interest which people can provide according to their loan amount. It also provides a printable amortization table of their loan from where people can estimate their monthly payments.
  • Refinance Calculator: This calculator helps to refinance the loan i.e. it compares with the new loan estimation to old loan estimation – thereby creating a bridging between the both.
  • Extra Payment Calculator: This calculator calculates the amount of interest for extra principal payment. For this people can save large amount of money.
  • DTI Calculator: The DTI calculator means Debt to Income ratio calculator helps to determine the ratio. This DTI ratio is very important because it can fix how much money people can afford to fulfil their dream. Lenders observe the front and back both ratio to understand people’s economic situation.


A financial calculator works like a normal calculator and scientific calculator. It has several benefits. They are:

  • The calculator helps to estimate the monthly payments and interest according to the principle.
  • This calculator calculates auto debit rate reductions. When people withdraw money from their savings, it can help to calculate the small percentage which is taken off the interest rate on the loan.
  • This calculator provides a printable table where people can estimate the down payments which they can provide to the bank for taking loan.


This OnQFinancial Loan calculator helps us for many financial purposes. Sometimes after retirement people want to make a home, this calculator estimates their interest rate according to the loan amount. Programmers design this calculator in that way, if you enter the principle, term and interest rate, it provides you all the details in such a nice way that people can easily handle loans to fulfil their dreams & interests.