Conversion Optimization Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide

The cost of paid traffic is rising at a very high rate,making it important for online markers to target low-hanging fruits if they wish to boost their lead generation. They need to learn the basics of conversion rate optimization in order to identify and fix whatever problems exist in their online sales. Needless to say, that is the best way to experience a higher Return on Investment, because, one way or another, you are paying for your online presence. Below is a step by step guide on how to embark on conversion rate optimization:

  1. Audit every step of your online marketing funnel

In order to know the changes you need to make, you need to curate data to understand the tests and efforts that get you more leads. You can gather data both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Qualitative data provides you with invaluable insight into the pain points of your site’s visitors while quantitative data aids online marketers to crunch down the numbers at every phase of the sales funnel so as to understand the weak points. You can measure both qualitative and quantitative data with the aid of revolutionary online tools such as Google analytics, customer surveys, and usability testing.

– Google analytics- Google analytics give you a picture of the number of people who visit your page and how many go on to buy or click on the links or someway interact with your site. It reveals the weak points and where the biggest leaks are. – Customer Surveys – Surveys greatly help online marketers to know how to optimize their marketing copies. You could craft some survey questions designed to get customer’s feedback on how to improve the products or services offered.

– Usability Testing – these are important as they help you to discern the barriers that prevent site visitors from completing a certain call for action.

Call to action

This is a small tweak you can include in your site to increase conversions. Studies have shown that a prominent call to action in a landing page can significantly increase the sales of any online marketer. A call to action gives users an idea of what they are supposed to do once they arrive on your page. Learn more about conversions here

User-Friendliness ofthe Landing Page

You need to introduce a few tweaks to your landing page to make it more user-friendly. For example, you need to work on your marketing copy to ensure it is the right length. Many online users have a very short attention span and skip what they deem is lengthy literature. It, therefore, behooves you to keep your landing page and email copy brief. But it shouldn’t be too brief as to leave out pertinent information.

Engaging the visitors

You need to know of ways to engage visitors and pique their interest on the website – throughout. It is a trite fact that they shuttle between very many websites – websites which more or less have the same offerings as yours. With the very many options, it is challenging to sustain a user’s interest in the offering. Therefore, it is important to learn of ways you can pique customers’ interest.

The enumerated tips are only but a summary of an otherwise long and winding process. Conversion rate optimization is ideally an ongoing process which shouldn’t stop. There are always things that need improvement. So, find them out and improve your sales.