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Original Finnish High Carbon steel blades for Scandinavian knife making!

In Scandinavia and all of Europe, the Finnish puukko is well known and highly esteemed. These knives are razor sharp, have long edge retention, and are easy to sharpen. Finnish knives are comfortable, practical, lightweight and durable. The Puukko is an excellent tool that will endure for many decades. Some are rugged working tools, others are beautiful collector's knives, but all are made for use.

Puukko and Leuku knives in general have the peculiarity that there is only one bevel on the blade, which forms the working edge, they are therefore very easily sharpened, as all is needed is to grind this bevel to get the sharpness back. The fact that the bevel is big allows finding it intuitively on the stone. The puukko often sport a grind that looks like a saber grind. However, there are no secondary edge bevels which leave the edge extremely thin and incredibly sharp. Due to the sharpness of the edge, these knives will often out cut just about anything.

Puukko Blade 3" High Carbon Steel
Puukko Blade 3" High Carbon Steel
Blade length 3", width 13/16",thickness 1/8"
Original Finnish High Carbon steel blade for Scandinavian knife making!
This blade is meant for working and will hold the edge for a long time!
Price: $15.90